De minimis values

What is a de minimis value?

De minimis is a threshold that exempts imports from duty and or tax/VAT and differs by country. De minimis value has a significant impact on ecommerce, because B2C (business to consumer) orders are typically a much lower value than B2B. De minimis value provides faster clearance and opportunity to sell into markets competitively.

Countries that are a member of the European Union and use the Euro as a currency all share the same de minimis thresholds.

  • Both duty and VAT are exempt when up to 22 EUR.
  • VAT but not duty will be assessed if it’s between 22 and 150 EUR.
  • Both duty and VAT are due when over 150 EUR.
In the United States,  imports are duty and tax-free due to the generous $800 USD de minimis.

Then, there are other countries where the de minimis is not as straightforward as it appears, such as Australia’s  A$1,000 de minimis. Australia’s de minimis is technically A$1,000; however, if you sell over A$75,000 a year into Australia, you are required to register/remit GST and not via the customs clearance process. Russia’s  de minimis threshold is specific to each individual importer in Russia, as they can only import up to 31 kilos and up to 1,000 EUR per month.


De minimis values per country

The majority of import countries have a de minimis amount for duty and tax. Below is a reference sheet of each country’s values for duty and tax de minimis.

Be aware some countries have special rules and conditions that do not clearly define their de minimis values.

CountryISODuty de minimisTax de minimis
🇦🇫 AfghanistanAF0.00 USD0.00 USD
🇦🇽 Åland IslandsAX0.00 USD0.00 USD
🇦🇱 AlbaniaAL100.00 USD100.00 USD
🇩🇿 AlgeriaDZ50000.00 DZD50000.00 DZD
🇦🇸 American SamoaAS0.00 USD0.00 USD
🇦🇩 AndorraAD220.00 EUR0.00 EUR
🇦🇴 AngolaAO100.00 USD100.00 USD
🇦🇮 AnguillaAI0.00 XCD0.00 XCD
🇦🇬 Antigua & BarbudaAG0.00 USD0.00 USD
🇦🇷 ArgentinaAR0.00 USD0.00 USD
🇦🇲 ArmeniaAM300.00 USD300.00 USD
🇦🇼 ArubaAW0.00 USD0.00 USD
🇦🇺 Australia ⚠️AU1000.00 AUD1000.00 AUD
🇦🇹 AustriaAT150.00 EUR0.00 EUR
🇦🇿 AzerbaijanAZ0.00 USD0.00 USD
🇧🇸 BahamasBS0.00 USD0.00 USD
🇧🇭 BahrainBH300.00 BHD300.00 BHD
🇧🇩 BangladeshBD1000.00 BDT0.00 BDT
🇧🇧 BarbadosBB0.00 BBD0.00 BBD
🇧🇾 BelarusBY22.00 EUR22.00 EUR
🇧🇪 BelgiumBE150.00 EUR0.00 EUR
🇧🇿 BelizeBZ0.00 BZD0.00 BZD
🇧🇯 BeninBJ50.00 USD50.00 USD
🇧🇲 BermudaBM0.00 BMD0.00 BMD
🇧🇹 BhutanBT0.00 INR0.00 INR
🇧🇴 BoliviaBO0.00 USD0.00 USD
🇧🇶 Bonaire, St.Eustatius & SabaBQ100.00 USD100.00 USD
🇧🇦 Bosnia & HerzegovinaBA300.00 KM300.00 KM
🇧🇼 BotswanaBW0.00 BWP0.00 BWP
🇧🇷 BrazilBR0.00 BRL0.00 BRL
🇧🇳 Brunei DarussalamBN0.00 BND0.00 BND
🇧🇬 BulgariaBG150.00 EUR0.00 BGN
🇧🇫 Burkina FasoBF0.00 USD0.00 USD
🇧🇮 BurundiBI0.00 USD0.00 USD
🇨🇦 Canada ⚠️CA40.00 CAD40.00 CAD
🇰🇭 CambodiaKH50.00 USD50.00 USD
🇨🇲 CameroonCM400.00 USD400.00 USD
🇨🇻 Cape VerdeCV200.00 USD200.00 USD
🇰🇾 Cayman IslandsKY0.00 USD0.00 USD
🇨🇫 Central African RepublicCF20.00 USD0.00 USD
🇹🇩 ChadTD20.00 USD20.00 USD
🇨🇱 ChileCL30.00 USD30.00 USD
🇨🇳 China, People’s Republic of ⚠️CN0.00 CNY0.00 CNY
🇨🇴 ColombiaCO200.00 USD200.00 USD
🇰🇲 ComorosKM0.00 USD0.00 USD
🇨🇬 CongoCG12.00 USD12.00 USD
🇨🇩 Congo, Democratic Republic of theCD0.00 USD0.00 USD
🇨🇰 Cook IslandsCK0.00 NZD0.00 NZD
🇨🇷 Costa RicaCR50.00 USD50.00 USD
🇭🇷 CroatiaHR150.00 EUR0.00 EUR
🇨🇺 CubaCU0.00 USD0.00 USD
🇨🇼 CuraçaoCW100.00 USD100.00 USD
🇨🇾 CyprusCY150.00 EUR0.00 EUR
🇨🇿 Czech RepublicCZ150.00 EUR0.00 EUR
🇩🇰 DenmarkDK1150.00 DKK0.00 DKK
🇩🇯 DjiboutiDJ0.00 DJF0.00 DJF
🇩🇲 DominicaDM0.00 USD0.00 USD
🇩🇴 Dominican RepublicDO200.00 USD200.00 USD
🇪🇨 EcuadorEC10.00 USD0.00 USD
🇪🇬 EgyptEG0.00 EGP0.00 EGP
🇸🇻 El SalvadorSV0.00 USD0.00 USD
🇬🇶 Equatorial GuineaGQ200.00 USD0.00 USD
🇪🇷 EritreaER100.00 USD0.00 USD
🇪🇪 EstoniaEE150.00 EUR0.00 EUR
🇪🇹 EthiopiaET25.00 EUR25.00 EUR
🇫🇰 Falkland Islands (Malvinas)FK0.00 USD0.00 USD
🇫🇴 Faroe Islands (Denmark)FO80.00 DKK80.00 DKK
🇫🇯 FijiFJ200.00 FJD200.00 FJD
🇫🇮 Finland ⚠️FI150.00 EUR0.00 EUR
🇫🇷 FranceFR150.00 EUR0.00 EUR
🇬🇫 French GuianaGF150.00 EUR0.00 EUR
🇵🇫 French Polynesia (Tahiti)PF0.00 USD0.00 USD
🇹🇫 French Southern TerritoriesTF0.00 USD0.00 USD
🇬🇦 GabonGA10.00 USD10.00 USD
🇬🇲 GambiaGM100.00 USD100.00 USD
🇬🇪 GeorgiaGE170.00 USD170.00 USD
🇩🇪 GermanyDE150.00 EUR0.00 EUR
🇬🇭 GhanaGH5.00 USD0.00 USD
🇬🇮 GibraltarGI0.00 USD0.00 USD
🇬🇷 GreeceGR150.00 EUR0.00 EUR
🇬🇱 Greenland (Denmark)GL80.00 DKK80.00 DKK
🇬🇩 GrenadaGD20.00 XCD0.00 USD
🇬🇵 GuadeloupeGP150.00 EUR0.00 EUR
🇬🇺 GuamGU0.00 USD0.00 USD
🇬🇹 GuatemalaGT0.00 USD0.00 USD
🇬🇬 GuernseyGG0.00 EUR0.00 EUR
🇬🇳 GuineaGN15.00 USD15.00 USD
🇬🇼 Guinea-BissauGW100.00 USD0.00 USD
🇬🇾 GuyanaGY0.00 USD0.00 USD
🇭🇹 HaitiHT0.00 USD0.00 USD
🇭🇲 Heard Island and McDonald IslandsHM0.00 USD0.00 USD
🇭🇳 HondurasHN0.00 USD0.00 USD
🇭🇰 Hong KongHK0.00 USD0.00 USD
🇭🇺 HungaryHU150.00 EUR0.00 EUR
🇮🇸 IcelandIS0.00 ISK0.00 ISK
🇮🇳 IndiaIN0.00 INR0.00 INR
🇮🇩 IndonesiaID3.00 USD0.00 USD
🇮🇷 IranIR50.00 USD50.00 USD
🇮🇶 IraqIQ0.00 USD0.00 USD
🇮🇪 Ireland ⚠️IE150.00 EUR0.00 EUR
🇮🇲 Isle of ManIM135.00 GBP15.00 GBP
🇮🇱 IsraelIL500.00 USD75.00 USD
🇮🇹 ItalyIT150.00 EUR0.00 EUR
🇨🇮 Ivory CoastCI20.00 USD20.00 USD
🇯🇲 JamaicaJM50.00 USD0.00 USD
🇯🇵 Japan ⚠️JP10000.00 JPY10000.00 JPY
🇯🇪 Jersey ⚠️JE0.00 GBP0.00 GBP
🇯🇴 JordanJO100.00 JOD0.00 JOD
🇰🇿 KazakhstanKZ500.00 EUR500.00 EUR
🇰🇪 KenyaKE0.00 USD0.00 USD
🇰🇮 KiribatiKI0.00 USD0.00 USD
🇰🇷 Korea, The Republic ofKR200.00 USD200.00 USD
🇰🇵 Korea, Democratic People’s Republic ofKP0.00 USD0.00 USD
🇰🇼 KuwaitKW100.00 USD0.00 USD
🇰🇬 KyrgyzstanKG120.00 USD120.00 USD
🇱🇦 LaosLA0.00 LAK0.00 LAK
🇱🇻 LatviaLV150.00 EUR0.00 EUR
🇱🇧 LebanonLB0.00 USD0.00 USD
🇱🇸 LesothoLS0.00 USD0.00 USD
🇱🇷 LiberiaLR0.00 USD0.00 USD
🇱🇾 LibyaLY0.00 USD0.00 USD
🇱🇮 Liechtenstein ⚠️LI0.00 CHF0.00 CHF
🇱🇹 LithuaniaLT150.00 EUR0.00 EUR
🇱🇺 LuxembourgLU150.00 EUR0.00 EUR
🇲🇴 MacauMO0.00 MOP0.00 MOP
🇲🇰 MacedoniaMK22.00 EUR22.00 EUR
🇲🇬 MadagascarMG20.00 USD20.00 USD
🇲🇼 MalawiMW0.00 MWK0.00 MWK
🇲🇾 MalaysiaMY500.00 MYR0.00 MYR
🇲🇻 MaldivesMV6000.00 MVR0.00 MVR
🇲🇱 MaliML20.00 USD20.00 USD
🇲🇹 MaltaMT150.00 EUR0.00 EUR
🇲🇭 Marshall IslandsMH0.00 USD0.00 USD
🇲🇶 MartiniqueMQ150.00 EUR0.00 EUR
🇲🇷 MauritaniaMR25.00 USD25.00 USD
🇲🇺 MauritiusMU500.00 MUR500.00 MUR
🇾🇹 MayotteYT150.00 EUR0.00 EUR
🇲🇽 MexicoMX1000.00 USD50.00 USD
🇫🇲 Micronesia, Federated States ofFM0.00 USD0.00 USD
🇲🇩 MoldovaMD300.00 EUR300.00 EUR
🇲🇨 MonacoMC150.00 EUR22.00 EUR
🇲🇳 MongoliaMN0.00 MNT0.00 MNT
🇲🇪 MontenegroME75.00 EUR0.00 EUR
🇲🇸 MontserratMS0.00 USD0.00 USD
🇲🇦 MoroccoMA30.00 USD30.00 USD
🇲🇿 MozambiqueMZ30.00 USD30.00 USD
🇲🇲 MyanmarMM0.00 USD0.00 USD
🇳🇦 NamibiaNA0.00 USD0.00 USD
🇳🇷 Nauru, Republic OfNR0.00 USD0.00 USD
🇳🇵 NepalNP0.00 NPR0.00 NPR
🇳🇱 NetherlandsNL150.00 EUR0.00 EUR
🇳🇨 New CaledoniaNC0.00 USD0.00 USD
🇳🇿 New Zealand ⚠️NZ1000.00 NZD1000.00 NZD
🇳🇮 NicaraguaNI0.00 NIO0.00 NIO
🇳🇪 NigerNE20.00 USD0.00 USD
🇳🇬 NigeriaNG0.00 USD0.00 USD
🇳🇺 Niue IslandNU0.00 USD0.00 USD
🇳🇫 Norfolk IslandNF50.00 USD0.00 USD
🇲🇵 Northern Mariana IslandsMP0.00 USD0.00 USD
🇳🇴 Norway ⚠️NO350.00 NOK350.00 NOK
🇴🇲 OmanOM0.00 USD0.00 USD
🇵🇰 PakistanPK0.00 USD0.00 USD
🇵🇼 PalauPW0.00 USD0.00 USD
🇵🇸 PalestinePS0.00 EGP0.00 EGP
🇵🇦 PanamaPA100.00 PAB100.00 PAB
🇵🇬 Papua New GuineaPG25.00 PGK25.00 PGK
🇵🇾 ParaguayPY20.00 USD20.00 USD
🇵🇪 PeruPE200.00 USD200.00 USD
🇵🇭 PhilippinesPH10000.00 PHP10000.00 PHP
🇵🇳 PitcairnPN0.00 USD0.00 USD
🇵🇱 PolandPL150.00 EUR0.00 EUR
🇵🇹 PortugalPT150.00 EUR0.00 EUR
🇵🇷 Puerto RicoPR800.00 USD0.00 USD
🇶🇦 QatarQA0.00 QAR0.00 QAR
🇷🇪 ReunionRE150.00 EUR22.00 EUR
🇷🇴 RomaniaRO150.00 EUR0.00 EUR
🇷🇺 RussiaRU200.00 EUR200.00 EUR
🇷🇼 RwandaRW0.00 USD0.00 USD
🇧🇱 St. BarthelemyBL0.00 EUR0.00 EUR
🇸🇭 Saint HelenaSH0.00 USD0.00 USD
🇰🇳 St. Kitts and NevisKN0.00 USD0.00 USD
🇱🇨 St. LuciaLC0.00 USD0.00 USD
🇲🇫 St. MaartenMF100.00 USD0.00 USD
🇵🇲 Saint Pierre and MiquelonPM0.00 USD0.00 USD
🇻🇨 St. VincentVC0.00 XCD0.00 XCD
🇼🇸 SamoaWS0.00 SDG0.00 SDG
🇸🇲 San MarinoSM22.00 EUR0.00 EUR
🇸🇹 Sao Tome & PrincipeST0.00 USD0.00 USD
🇸🇦 Saudi ArabiaSA1000.00 SAR0.00 USD
🇸🇳 SenegalSN30.00 USD0.00 USD
🇷🇸 SerbiaRS0.00 RSD0.00 RSD
🇸🇨 SeychellesSC0.00 SCR0.00 SCR
🇸🇱 Sierra LeoneSL0.00 USD0.00 USD
🇸🇬 SingaporeSG400.00 SGD400.00 SGD
🇸🇰 SlovakiaSK150.00 EUR0.00 EUR
🇸🇮 SloveniaSI150.00 EUR0.00 EUR
🇸🇧 Solomon IslandsSB0.00 USD0.00 USD
🇸🇴 SomaliaSO0.00 USD0.00 USD
🇿🇦 South AfricaZA0.00 ZAR0.00 ZAR
🇸🇸 South SudanSS0.00 USD0.00 USD
🇪🇸 SpainES150.00 EUR0.00 EUR
🇱🇰 Sri LankaLK0.00 LKR0.00 LKR
🇸🇩 SudanSD0.00 USD0.00 USD
🇸🇷 SurinameSR0.00 XCD0.00 XCD
🇸🇯 SvaldbardSJ0.00 USD0.00 USD
🇸🇿 SwazilandSZ0.00 USD0.00 USD
🇸🇪 SwedenSE1600.00 SEK0.00 SEK
🇨🇭 Switzerland ⚠️CH0.00 CHF0.00 CHF
🇸🇾 SyriaSY50.00 SYP0.00 SYP
🇹🇼 TaiwanTW2000.00 TWD2000.00 TWD
🇹🇯 TajikistanTJ0.00 USD0.00 USD
🇹🇿 TanzaniaTZ0.00 TZS0.00 TZS
🇹🇭 ThailandTH1500.00 THB1500.00 THB
🇹🇱 Timor-LesteTL0.00 USD0.00 USD
🇹🇬 TogoTG400.00 USD400.00 USD
🇹🇰 TokelauTK0.00 USD0.00 USD
🇹🇴 TongaTO0.00 USD0.00 USD
🇹🇹 Trinidad and TobagoTT0.00 TTD0.00 TTD
🇹🇷 TurkeyTR0.00 EUR0.00 EUR
🇹🇲 TurkmenistanTM0.00 USD0.00 USD
🇹🇨 Turks and Caicos IslandsTC0.00 USD0.00 USD
🇹🇳 TunisiaTN0.00 TND0.00 TND
🇹🇻 TuvaluTV0.00 USD0.00 USD
🇺🇬 UgandaUG0.00 USD0.00 USD
🇺🇦 UkraineUA150.00 EUR0.00 EUR
🇦🇪 United Arab EmiratesAE1000.00 AED0.00 AED
🇬🇧 United KingdomGB135.00 GBP0.00 GBP
🇺🇸 United StatesUS800.00 USD800.00 USD
🇺🇲 United States Minor Outlying IslandsUM0.00 USD0.00 USD
🇺🇾 UruguayUY1.00 USD1.00 USD
🇺🇿 UzbekistanUZ1000.00 USD1000.00 USD
🇻🇺 VanuatuVU0.00 USD0.00 USD
🇻🇦 Vatican CityVA0.00 EUR0.00 EUR
🇻🇪 VenezuelaVE100.00 USD100.00 USD
🇻🇳 VietnamVN1000000.00 VND0.00 VND
🇻🇬 Virgin Islands (British)VG0.00 USD0.00 USD
🇻🇮 Virgin Islands (U.S.)VI0.00 USD0.00 USD
🇼🇫 Wallis and FutunaWF200.00 XPF0.00 XPF
🇪🇭 Western SaharaEH0.00 USD0.00 USD
🇾🇪 YemenYE0.00 YER0.00 YER
🇿🇲 ZambiaZM50.00 USD50.00 USD
🇿🇼 ZimbabweZW10.00 USD10.00 USD