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We encourage most of our Etsy Store owners to continue offering Canada Post as a Base Shipping Option for the client’s who are super price conscious, add our Canpar/DHL services as an upgrade to offer reduce transit time, full tracking and same day free pickup.



Access our preferred Canpar pricing with up to 60% off retail rates. Delivery locally Next Day and everywhere else in 2-4 days.

  • Free Pickup (even from your home)
  • Cheaper than UPS, FedEx & Canada Post
  • Flat Pricing upto 10lbs
  • Signature Required Included


DHL Express

Get your own DHL export & import with up to 70% off retail rates.

  • Free Pickup (even from your home)
  • Cheaper than UPS/ Fedex Express & Canada Post
  • Next Day to US
  • Signature Delivery Included
  • Free Shipping Supplies

Integrate with your Etsy Store

  • Batch Shipping – Connect your store to our platform and system will auto import your orders from etsy and any other sales channels and you can process them all with one click.  

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