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Canpar Courier’s Online Collect Service

To save you time and money, Canpar Courier’s Online Collect Service allows you to authorize other parties to ship using your account. They can simply go to Collect Service and schedule their own pick-up based on the services you have authorized. It’s that easy. You will also receive a daily activity summary via email for simple tracking and visibility of your collect shipments.

Your Account Manager can set up a Collect Account for you to give to your vendors to ship to you with your low rates.

Canpar Collect Service Login Page

Once you log in with your Collect Service login info,  click on the address book next to Pickup Address and enter your info and your vendors info.

Canpar Collect Service Enter Address

Save the addresses in AddressBook so you can easily select when doing shipments.

Canpar Collect Service Sample Shipment

Once shipment dimensions and weight is entered, click SHIP and the system will generate labels to print and automatically schedule a pickup for the above-mentioned date.

Have any questions? Please reach out to Chat or your Account Manager for help 🙂

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