Is DHL and Loomis or Canpar the same company?

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DHL Domestic to Loomis Express

People often wonder if DHL and Loomis or Canpar the same company since Loomis trucks often deliver DHL packages. DHL bought Loomis Express in 2001 to offer a domestic solution and as a result became the third domestic parcel company in the country. It lasted till 2011 due to sale to Transforce.

DHL made this decision because DHL USA  exited domestic operations in 2008 consequently to focus only on International Shipping & Importing. In addition, Transforce and DHL entered into a 10-year-old strategic relationship as well to offer some services to DHL Customers.

How this impacts you

  • Loomis Express or Canpar will pick up and deliver packages outside of main city circles.
  • Loomis Express locations by DHL account holders to print labels, drop off packages etc.
  • Finally, you can also pay your custom’s dues at Loomis locations as well.
Loomis Express is focused heavily on West Coast and CanPar controls most depots in East Coast.

Sign up for an InXpress Account, therefore you get access to DHL, Canpar & Loomis services. CanPar & Loomis are identically the same, hence they  use the same depots and handover packages based on delivery location. Furthermore, DHL services at 60% discount of retail and CanPar & Loomis ranges from 40% to 60% based on delivery zones.

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