How to Pay my Invoice

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We typically invoice every 2 weeks. If there has been a shipment on your account then you will get an invoice by email. Although at times some invoices for importing etc could be delayed a few weeks.

Webship invoice

You can also check,view invoices in the Invoices tab in your webship.

How to Pay

Bill Pay – through any Canadian Banks

  • Add Payee tab in your bank, just like how you would add Rogers, Hydro etc.
  • Search for InXpress and enter your Account Number. It starts with 109.

Add Payee

Please Note that RBC is currently not displaying our InXpress in Add Payee, please contact your consultant for a temporary solution.

If Bill Pay is not an option which works for you, please contact your consultant and he/she will be able to arrange another option for you.

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