Importing is complicated, let's simplify it and make it cheaper.

Things you need to Start Importing

  • InXpress Account
    An Inxpress account gives you access to DHL exporting & importing accounts along with CanPar account, all built in with discounts. Below are more details about InXpress Account.

  • No Fees
    We give you access to discounted pricing from DHL/CanPar with no fees and catches. Promise!

  • No Hidden Fees
    We love to compare your old invoices as few carriers are quite infamous for charging a low shipping rate but then tack on BS accessorial fees.

  • No Minimums
    Often Carriers like UPS offers you a discount but conditional upon you doing certain volume every month. We have no Minimums, ship as much or as little you like. Your discount stays the same.

Don’t have an InXpress Account?
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How to Import?

  • DHL Import Account Number – Not Recommended
    Most oversea’s manufacturer ask for DHL Import or DHL Courier Account number, if you have a good relationship & trust with the supplier then feel free to share the DHL Import number we provided you – can be found in your Welcome aboard email.

    Although beware that, you will have no control over shipment cost and you will only know the cost of shipment once we bill you.

  • Email them a Label – recommended
    Ask your manufacturer for shipment dimensions and weight, enter all this info in your webship portal to get the cost of the shipment. Print label and email it to your manufacturer.

    When shipment is ready manufacturer can call DHL to come pick it up or you can schedule that from your webship portal.

Quick Walkthrough for Importing

Enter Your Address and Receiver’s Address.

Your Address will be saved automatically for future use, you can also save the receiver’s address to your address book.

WebShip Step1

Pick a Carrier based on where you shipping to, We recommend DHL for International and CanPar for Domestic.

You can link up your own UPS/Fedex Account to our system if you like.  Our DHL and CanPar accounts are built in with discounts up to 60%.

WebShip Step2

After you enter the Box Dimensions, Weight Etc. We will automatically Quote the Rate. Click Ship DHL to generate Labels and choose Pick-up time.

Pick-ups are free at your home or business, hand off the package and we take care of the rest.

WebShip Ship

You can track all your Shipments right from History Page.

Please make sure to enter the email address of your client on the Receiver Address Tab, we automatically email them with Tracking Information.

We also pro-actively monitor all shipments to ensure smooth deliveries.

Webship Track