Ship for Free, Cheaper than UPS/FedEx

Easy steps to start saving or get your free shipment voucher!

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    Submit Invoice

    Sent us a copy of your last invoice with any major carrier (FedEx, UPS, TNT).
    You can email us at or send a picture to 647 932 2275 or upload through the form below!

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    Our Quote with Savings

    We will get you Quote in minutes with how much you could have saved with us,
    (same specifications as the invoice you submitted to us).
    If we are not cheaper, we will send you a free shipping voucher.

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    Sit back, Relax & Start Shipping for Less

    We are certain that our prices have won you over. Switching to us is easy,
    In 45 seconds your account will be setup and ready to go. We aim to have you ship with us forever with our service.

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    No Fees, No Minimums, No Contracts

    Yup, you read that right. you can take advantage of our savings regardless how much you ship. There is absolutely no minimums, no monthly fees, no contracts etc.

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