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DHL is a better UPS alternative as it’s the largest international shipping company, has more market share than UPS & FedEx combined and, we have more in-house customs officers.


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Thinking about making the switch from UPS to DHL?

We want to make the decision as easy as possible so we’ve put together some info to help you decide why DHL is a better UPS alternative.

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DHL Benefits show it’s a better UPS alternative

We are DHL’s only authorized reseller and DHL’s 7th largest customer. Our customers enjoy the most reliable express and time-definite delivery service up to 60% off retail prices.

Free – Pickup, Drop Off & Supplies

Shipments up to 300lbs.

More in-house customs officers than any carrier

DHL has 44% of World Market & ships 1 million packages per night

Rate Comparison

Export Rates Comparison show why DHL is a better UPS alternative

Customs Services

DHL has very transparent and easy to understand fees, UPS often offers a great rate then tacks on multiple lines of fees for Customs etc.

Processing fee – 2.5% of Value of Duties & Taxes, $10.50 minimum.
Transaction Fee – $4.75
Bonded Storage – $7.50 plus 0.20 per kg per day

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But UPS has ground (domestic) service?

DHL’s biggest drawback is that it doesn’t have domestic service, so we partnered with CanPar to provide nationwide domestic shipping service. CanPar is owned by Transforce which is Canada’s largest Transportation Company.

CanPar Benefits

Free Pickup even from your home.

100% Canadian

Cheaper than UPS Ground & Canada Post.

Flat Pricing upto 10lbs.

Domestic rates comparison

Make the switch, save on shipping!

No Minimums, No Fees, No BS.