UPS Alternative

When shipping directly with couriers like UPS, Fedex and freight carriers is that they will provide you with a generic shipping discount that is based on your current relationship and volume with them.

If you’re not processing millions of dollars worth of orders each month, you won’t be able to receive and apply these insider shipping discounts to minimize your costs.

Comparison Canpar Purolator UPS
Box Info
10 x 10 x 10 in & 10lbs
Next Day
40% off
retail rates
Same City
Toronto to Toronto
Across the Country
Vancouver to Toronto
2 boxes
Montreal to Calgary

 Base rates only used, data correct as of Oct 2021.

E-Commerce Integerations

  • Batch Shipping – Connect your store to our platform and system will auto import your orders from etsy and any other sales channels and you can process them all with one click.  
  • Live Rates – Display Calculated Rates on your Shopify / Woocommerce / Magento stores.

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