We help businesses reduce their parcel & LTL freight shipping spend by up to 36%

You don’t need to spend millions on shipping to gain favourable rates.Our no volume requirement Rate Programs deliver huge discounts to small & medium shippers.


With over 100 million revenue we are able to offer the best parcel & LTL Rates, find out how much you can Save.

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Up to 70% savings on these services



Ship parcels domestically in Canada and import and export to & from any country
E-commerce Integrations


LTL & Truckload

Ship across North America via our Rail & Truck network. 100+ LTL Carriers
42,000+ Truckload Carriers


Air & Ocean

Instant Air/Ocean Quotes
150 Countries Served
Customs Clearance incld
Door to Door & Door to Port



Live Pricing
Batch Shipping
Integerate with Shopify, Etsy, Ebay, Woocomerce, Amazon & Magento

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We leverage our long-term relationships to provide you with the same low-cost shipping rates that we receive.

The issue when shipping directly with couriers like DHL, UPS, Fedex and freight carriers is that they will provide you with a generic shipping cost that is based on your current relationship and volume with them.

If you’re not processing millions of dollars worth of orders each month, you won’t be able to receive and apply these insider shipping discounts to minimize your costs.

Instant LTL, Air & Ocean Quotes

InXpress specializes in LTL, FTL, heavy airfreight and ocean shipments. If you have freight it’s our business to get it there.

With our easy to use online Freight Portal you can select shipping options from over 50 carriers. Whether it’s fast delivery, low price, special handling or just about any need, InXpress has the right shipping solution for every movement.


Access our preferred Canpar pricing with up to 60% off retail rates. Delivery locally Next Day and everywhere else in 2-4 days.

  • Free Pickup (even from your home)
  • Cheaper than UPS, FedEx & Canada Post
  • Flat Pricing upto 10lbs
  • Signature Required Included

DHL Express

Get your own DHL export & import with up to 70% off retail rates.

  • Free Pickup (even from your home)
  • Cheaper than UPS/ Fedex Express & Canada Post
  • Next Day to US
  • Signature Delivery Included
  • Free Shipping Supplies

Integrate with your Ecommerce Platforms


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Shipping Platform

Our easy to use platform doesn't even require walkthrough's but our team will assist you in maximizing all the benefits of our platform.



Our team will handle the whole process of integrating our system to your online stores or assisting integrating your pricing to various platforms.

InXpress has over 101,890 customers across the North America and we have the negotiating power of hundreds of thousands of shipments. When you go directly to a carrier they give you pricing based on your business’ shipping volume only. Plus, there are no fees to InXpress for the great rates and service.

InXpress is compensated by the carriers based on the amount of shipments we bring them. This way you don’t pay any fees for the benefit of having the best rates.

If you love it, keep it! When you decide to use InXpress, you will receive an account number for each carrier that makes sense for your business. Simply plug this account number into your favorite platform and you can generate shipping labels with all the benefits of InXpress discounted Shipping rates.

We can integrate live rates with Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce, Etsy, Amazon. Any other platforms we would suggest listing flat rate shipping options.

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